Texas Chili Cook-Offs

Bubba's Store

Texas is synonymous with chili. It's the heat. The many cultures and regions of Texas have each added gifts to the chili pot, which have enhanced it to the Official State Dish of Texas. Here is an opportunity for cooks, sous chefs, marketers and trivia experts to combine their skills and present the best "Bowl of Red" to the judges in one of the few teambuilding activities you can eat.



Chili Cooking

Each team will be given the same basic ingredients and utensils to make a boring pot of chili. The General Store will be stocked with over 20 additional ingredients to make a great pot of chili. Team members work together while playing western themed games for coupons to purchase the additional ingredients. Teams can combine coupons to purchase "expensive" items or simply immediately cash in coupons for basic ingredients. 




The Presentation

Simultaneously, team members will be creating a chili "brand," a team slogan and chili logo to be displayed at the team "kitchen." Team "branding" and team spirit will be 20% of the overall judging.


Teams will also be tested on their Texas knowledge with two different Texas Trivia tests. The scores from these tests will make up 5% of the overall judging.




The JudgingThe chili will be judged in a blind taste test with no less than three judges and then combined with bonus points from chili "branding" to declare a winner and a loser. The winning team will receive fabulous cash prizes (Texas Lottery tickets). Since there's never a loser in the Texas Chili Cookoff, the last place team will receive Pepto Bismol, to help ease the pain.


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