Photographic Services

SnappyShots – Way back in 1999, we became one of the first green screen photographers to specialize in the Special Events Industry.  We had to explain to our customers just what green screen photography was, so we used this series of pictures.

Cowgirl + SnappyShot Background = SnappyShot Final

Now, it seems everyone with a computer and camera is proclaiming themselves “Event Specialists.”  Here is a clear example of our experiences benefitting your event.  After ten years of green screen photography experience, we are continuing to add new services not available from the rookies.  We also provide:

Candid Photography – By using the latest in wireless technology, our photographers stroll around the room taking shots of your attendees.  These photos will be available for your guests to pick up as they are quickly printed at the photo station.  Want an activity that drives traffic to your booth at the tradeshow?  Let us snap the photo that they pick up at your booth!

Candid Team Candid Group Candid Singing

Live Projected Display or the I-wall – Want to share those party pics with everyone at your event?  No problem!  We can combine the smiling faces from your event with logos, notices, schedules or even auction items or prizes on a huge projection screen.  At last, a technique that compels guests to watch the screen for their picture, while you subliminally get your messages across.  The I-wall allows party-goers to view 9 photos at a time.  Remember “The Brady Bunch?”  It looks just like that on the screens.  For a little extra, we can even allow guests to send text messages to the displays.  Of course, we’ll screen them for you!


Closing Event Montage with Music – Need to recap your event at the Closing Session?  Allow our staff to compile all the fun photos from your event with the photos of the breakout sessions and those from the hospitality events into a montage.  We take our photographs and put together a virtual “Music Video” of what attendees have done at your gathering and choose music that suits the theme.  A terrific closing memory that reminds everyone to come back next year. Contact us for samples.

Vegas Wanted Poster SW Airlines Movie Theater

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