Texas Party Options

What better way to experience the flavor of Texas than with a totally Texas party? We can provide your guests with a Texas experience they will never forget.



You can begin your event with dignitaries being brought in with a Texas–style entrance – on a LIVE LONGHORN.  Guests can then have their photos taken individually or in groups on the longhorn for proof that they are becoming “real” Texans.  Professional animal handlers have trained longhorns that are gentle enough for even children.

Armadillo Racing It just don’t get more Texas than ‘dillos!  Nine-banded armadillos are "steered" down the track by guests selected as "jockeys.”  Racers can be chosen at random, or you can pit your CEO against the Sales Manager and Accountant.  Handlers are available all evening to answer questions (and believe me, there will be questions aplenty about the fascinating State mascot).  Your guests will be surprised and delighted with ARMADILLO RACING providing lots of laughs and tall tales.

Mechanical BullFor guests who want a little more action, we offer a MECHANICAL BULL for an Urban Cowboy thriller.  Skilled operators control speed and movement and customize the rides to guests’ personality and skill level.  Talk nice and you’ll get a leisurely ride, talk rough or get cocky and well…you’ll appreciate the inflated mat, side bumpers and safety features.  NO BULL!


Costumed CharactersCOSTUMED CHARACTERS to greet your guests at the hitchin’ post make a great impression from the start.  You may see Wyatt Earp, Billy the Kid or Doc Holliday roaming the room with historically accurate costumes and weapons.  We can also provide cowgirls, cowboys, saloon girls or banditos who are able to double as DANCE INSTRUCTORS. From the Texas Two Step to the Can-Can, western line-dancing is a sure-fire way to keep your party guests on their toes.  

Rollo Roper

Head ‘em up – move ‘em out!  After a quick instruction from the Ranch Boss, guests can use their new-found, Texas skills to saddle up and rope a calf.  The ROLLO ROPER GAME uses the same type of mechanical horse and calf that rodeo stars use to sharpen their skills.  With a tap of the rider's heel, the calf barrels out from under horse so the rider can rope it back in. 


Austin Powers


Your guests will be surprised when Dolly Parton or Willie Nelson welcomes them to your event.  Our CELEBRITY LOOK-ALIKES are dead-ringers for the genuine article.  They meet, greet and mingle and will keep your guests wondering.



Quick Draw


Our OLD WEST QUICK DRAW gunslingers will assist your guests as they strap on a handmade leather holster with a replica of the single action .45 caliber revolver used in the old west.  After being coached in a brief safety session by the cowboy in the white hat, it is time to stare down the bad guys.  Our OLD WEST QUICK DRAW gunslingers will time your draw down to the hundredth of a second.  Your fastest guests will make it on the OLD WEST QUICK DRAW scoreboard and given a gunfighter’s nickname.  Your slower guests will be declared as “Boot Hill Bound.”





Trick Roper


For completely awestruck party goers, a TRICK ROPER or BULLWHIP ARTIST is classic cowboy entertainment.  Performances can be done from stage, strolling or on a trick horse.  A GAMBLER MAGICIAN will outsmart your guests at cards, amaze them with close-up table magic and even stick the Queen of Hearts on the ceiling.  For those whose futures are unclear, KATHRYN the MYSTIC COWGIRL can enlighten and astound using Tarot cards, palm reading and lipstick reading – all with her Texas charm, or add several dozen mystic cowgirls for larger hooplas.   





Gun Fighters


Enliven your cocktail reception with a brief OLD WEST GUNFIGHT show.  When two rough cowpokes begin flirting with your female guests, it’s clear that trouble’s a brewin’.  The Marshal is forced to wade into the fray and fire his peace-maker, silencing all chatter at the event.  A loud confrontation ensues and, of course, it leads to gunplay.  Shots are fired, people are killed and the Marshal saves the day.

Tatoo SteerFor those guests who want to walk on the wild side, TEXAS TATTOOS are available.  They are airbrushed, of course, for that permanent tattoo look without the commitment of a longhorn on your arm for life. Would you prefer your corporate logo? Not a problem!


Cowchip Shuffleboard


To keep guests active and laughing, we offer a full line of TEXAS GAMES that we call BUBBA'S BACKYARD MIDWAY.  Our games are designed to do double duty as “just for fun” or for TEAM BUILDING activities.  We have 17 games that include Cowchip Shuffleboard, Shoot the Can, Chunk the Tail on the Donkey, Redneck Horseshoes and Flapjack Fling. Guests can show off their new-found Texas talents with friendly competition and build camaraderie.




We know your guests will be hungry as cowpokes when they come to the party.  We can provide CATERING for any size party from 50 to 5000.  Ranging from appetizers and snacks to Texas Style BBQ to formal dinners, we have menus to please any palate.  We also offer TEXAS THEMED DÉCOR to ensure your guests get the complete Texas experience. 


Wanted Poster

WANTED POSTERS and other GREEN SCREEN photo backgrounds are great souvenirs for your guests.  Individuals or groups can have their pictures made and everyone in the picture gets a print to take home.  We can include your company logo and we offer packages with special artwork.  As the photos are taken, they can instantly be put up on a projector screen for the entire room to share in the fun. 

mariachis No party is complete without music.  We offer a full range of SINGERS, BANDS and MUSICIANS.  We have Swing Bands and Dance Bands for guests who like to scoot a boot.  For serenading, we have Mariachi Bands and Quartets.  We have full Stage Bands for large parties or Duos and Trios for smaller parties.  If you have music needs, we can fulfill them. After all, that's how we got this business started. 

Petting Zoo


Treat your city guests to a “life on the farm” experience with a PETTING ZOO.  Miniature goats, rabbits, pot-bellied pigs and miniature horses are adorable and fun for kids of all ages.  From birthday parties to festivals and fairs, petting zoos and pony rides make the event even more memorable.



Let us help you put together a package that will guarantee a Texas-sized experience for your next corporate event.  We can custom design your package to accommodate the size of your party and the size of your budget.  Call or email us for planning assistance and some good ol’ Texas hospitality.

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